About Us

Our Mission Statement

We want to support the people in our community to become digitally capable, enabling them to buffer their lives with the power of technology be it in developing or enhancing skills for jobs or everyday activities


Our Core Activity

Training: We offer both free and paid training.


Our free training tagged ''Digital Capability Training'' covers the basic digital skills needed to carry out everyday activities such as downloading applications, internet surfing, getting to grips with digital device settings, online shopping, online banking and subscribing to services online. We cover all the essential must-have IT skills people need to be equipped with to help them progress in the digital arena. We have supported over 500 learners since our inception in 2019 and aim to continue reaching out to digitally disadvantaged people.


Referrals for our training usually comes from other organisations such as charities, churches and leaders in the community. However, eligible individuals also have the capability to self-refer (see the referral application form for eligibility criteria).


Our training has supported a diverse range of people in our community, connecting them with their friends and families online especially during the Covid-19 pandemic. Majority of our learners had no previous digital knowledge before encountering us. Some had little knowledge but required assistance to achieve digital independence.


We also offer basic Microsoft Office applications training (e.g. Word, PowerPoint and Excel) to people in administrative roles that need to brush up their skills for free. This is provided through our in house resources and the resources of the Google Applied Digital Skills, the Good Things Foundation's resources (Learn My Way and Make it Click).


Our paid digital training covers intermediate and advanced training in Office 365 for those who need the relevant IT skills for employment. We also provide training in Business Analysis and Project Management. We are anticipating offering accredited training in ICT by the middle of 2021.


Other activities:

We put forward digital devices (e.g. tablets and smartphones) provided to us through the grants we have received from our local authority; Doncaster Council, the Good Things Foundation (in collaboration with FutureDotNow and Google). We work with our local authority, charities, carers, and social prescribers to deliver this service to the community. To refer people in need of this service to us select the link below to download the application form.

We work with Smart Works to provide support for women who have been out of work or lack the confidence to go back into employment. With this initiative, we can help more women prepare for interviews, offer coaching and outfits for interviews.  

About The Team


Our team is made up of professionals with decades of experience ranging from Business analysts to QA leads, test analysts, database administrators

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