Basic Computer Training

In the last quarter of 2019, we identified the need to reach out to the members of our community that lacked the basic computer skills, access to the internet and personal computer. Hence we created a free basic computer training for members of the community with no background knowledge of how to operate the computer.

Training starts with identifying computer features. Below are some of the topics we treated in module 1 

Course content:

Know your computer

What is a computer

Types of computers

Components of a computer

The use of the CPU, the VDU, the mouse and the keyboard

Computer hardware and software

The operating systems

Computer programs

How to power on a computer

How to create, save, delete and retrieve a document

To get benefit from this free training you need a referral from the organisations below:

Changing Lives Doncaster

Conversation Club

JobCentre Plus

Doncaster Metropolitan Borough Council

Redeemed Christian Churches in Doncaster

Learn My Way

Knowledge Pool became a registered centre for the online network centre in 2019. Our centre ID is 8005094

Good Things Foundation supports the national Online Centres Network to help people improve their digital skills.

They also manage '' Learn My Way'', a website full of free online resources to help people develop digital skills to make the most of the online world. Learn My Way covers everything from using a computer or tablet for the first time and staying safe online, to using the internet to find work, shop or socialise.

You can train under our centre by registering on Learn my way and using our centre ID.

|Email us if you want to learn from our centre. We offer classroom digital training as well

Candidate for Basic Computer training

Make it Click

Good Things Foundation, funded by, is working on a new project to help 30,000 of 'limited users' to gain the confidence and digital skills they need to thrive online - becoming regular, confident, capable and safe users of digital technology.

The Make It Click programme aims to help adults achieve positive life and work outcomes, particularly around employment, by supporting them to understand how digital skills can change their lives, and give the practical skills and knowledge to build their confidence to do so.

Knowledge Pool is funded by Online network centre and to deliver this training to 125 people in 2020.