Remote working has been around for quite a while. Businesses have discovered that the level of job satisfaction and productivity in remote workers are quite high because staff who work remotely tend to find fulfilment in their career and personal circumstances. Therefore, it has been reported that remote workers tend to stick with their employers more.
Whether you are looking for savings in office space, utility bills or reduction of carbon prints, remote working has been serving business needs for many years.
However, it remained a choice until the pandemic situation around the globe made it mandatory for business continuity.
The current situation of COVID-19 has changed the world's perspectives on business transactions. It is no more a choice to ignore virtual collaboration or business integration tools. The days of spending money on software and under-utilizing it had passed.
Many of the tools needed for virtual collaboration has already been possessed by organisations but the skills to fully utilise them is still lacking.
Knowledge Pool has a team of IT consultants that will help you to develop a remote business operating system which will suit your organisation.
We will train your staff to use both new and existing tools (even if they are digitally challenged), offer advice and recommendation on the most effective tools that will give you value for money.
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