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Searching for jobs online has become a crucial part of the job search process.

Many employees now post vacancies online and expect their applications to be consequently completed online. There are a few steps to take before you can apply for your perfect job.


 Before you start, you will need internet access, a valid email address and employment references.

You will also need a fully up-to-date and complete CV, which you can create with Knowledge Pool’s free CV Assistant. Then you will need to have your CV reviewed and checked for errors. We offer a CV review service for a small charge; simply send an email to to begin.

Once this is complete, you will now need to wade through a plethora of job search portals to find the appropriate job search portal for you.


One such example of a job search portal is Jobsora.

Jobsora’s mission is to find the perfect job for you! This free, simple-to-use job search board boasts thousands of new vacancies from more than 250 employment sites and direct employers across all sectors in the UK. 


It has additional features such as Advanced search and special filters to fine-tune your search. It also has jobs organised by companies and by UK locations. You can now also send job alerts to your email, making the job search process easier and more convenient than ever before.

Jobsora saves you time, with its modern and efficient service, eliminating the need to visit numerous sites to find your next job, and will easily connect you with your next employer.


Once you have created your CV with Knowledge Pool’s CV Assistant, uploaded your CV and searched for a vacancy on Jobsora, the last steps are to apply for the vacancy and attend an interview.

We wish you the best of luck!

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