A guide to Apprenticeships in the Science Industries- Cogent skills

Updated: Aug 8, 2019

Science is all around us, it goes into the food we eat, the soap we wash with and the medicines we take when we are ill. With so many items related to science, there is a huge variety of jobs available and not all of them involve wearing a lab coat!

There are varieties of exciting careers with great progression opportunities, careers ranging from lab based, office based to field base.

Higher Apprenticeships

Higher Apprenticeships are a great alternative to University. You will receive on the job training and earn a salary whilst progressing academically up to degree level.

A higher Apprenticeship is similar to studying for a degree, the difference is when you complete your apprenticeship you will already have lots of experience in the workplace and be years ahead of somebody leaving university and then looking for a job.

The benefits of Apprenticeships in the science industries

Work a minimum of 30 hours a week

Earn and learn at the same time

Receive a nationally recognised qualification

Gain job specific skills which will help you secure a job after your Apprenticeship

Sample a career before commiting to it

Take your first step on the career ladder


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