The Day That Changed my Outlook

I thoroughly enjoy training my students at Knowledge Pool. Giving others a helping hand in the world of IT, my most favourite subject, is what drove me to build this organisation. There have been a plethora of students who have come away from training and are now confident to immerse themselves in this ever-growing industry. That for me is a personal accomplishment, for them and myself as a trainer.

However, one recent afternoon, I had booked a first-time session for a newcomer to the training program. I had scheduled my day accordingly and arranged all my material ready for the session. I thought it was going to be an ordinary day but I was certainly mistaken!

...This was a day that changed my outlook!

There she stood, her smile like a ray of sunshine, a stark contrast the dull weather outside. I introduced myself to her; her name was Nilusha. She was determined to learn as I was determined to teach her. She was a newbie to IT, and her lack of English did not defeat and hold her back. We communicated and it was something extraordinary. I guess sometimes lengthy words don't need to be used to communicate effectively.

It was a deeply profound experience for me. Why? Because Nilusha had no IT skills and was motivated to understand the new terminology I was introducing to her. Our session was an introduction to the components of a computer. Why did I assume everyone knew this? When I looked at Nilusha, I cast my mind back to somewhere around twenty years ago (can you believe?) and I was reminded of my younger self, learning the same. I had forgotten that all the skills I am equipped with today, there was a beginning point where I was landing on my feet too!

Through Nilusha's enthusiasm and my excitement, she carefully labelled all the computer's components correctly. Based on her accurate results, we swiftly moved onto working with the computer. We started with shaky hands that struggled to control the mouse's cursor, to finishing the session with a saved MS Word document titled under her name.

I left the training for that day feeling some emotions that I didn't think I would. Yes, I did have tears in my eyes and continuous positive thoughts rolling through my mind for the rest of the day. I could see the joy on Nilusha's face which indicated that this woman was not going to stop here. I am so thankful that Knowledge Pool is open to everyone who would like to equip themselves with new skills and work on existing ones. Nilusha's story was a great reminder for me of Knowledge Pool's purpose. As we are on another year's journey, I welcome everyone who wants to join in IT training with Knowledge Pool and flourish in the field.

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