The Teacher and STEM Ambassador Networking Event - Park Primary School

Building STEM passion in school children

On Monday, I was invited to a teacher and STEM ambassador event at Park Primary School, Doncaster. I was joined by Co-STEM ambassadors who were IT specialist and electrical engineers.

It was a thoroughly fulfilling day whereby I collaborated and networked with school teachers at the primary school. As a group, we collectively deliberated on better ways of promoting science, technology, engineering and mathematics in the primary education sector.

The importance of nurturing young minds cannot be emphasised enough, and gravitating their learning and knowledge in the four subject areas is vital for the development of the future.

With this common understanding, we extended our expertise and thoughts on how to encourage pupils to build an interest in the STEM subjects. I personally shared risk management techniques with a group planning, climbing exercise formulated for the school students. This was compiled to analyse the risks involve in the exercise, identifying, quantifying, mitigating and drawing up a contingency plan.

Overall, I hope that my participation helped the primary school gain more insight into the benefits of introducing STEM to young children. My aim is to always extend my knowledge and experience to others in order to help them.

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